Reviving Definitions

You may find many definitions or nomenclature of these words. Here is what I mean by Attars and Attar oils on this site.


an essence of a flower, root, shrub, bark, trunk, stem or of any natural substance – an essential oil

Attar Oils

an attar (essential oil) mixed with other oils that are better known as carrier oils

Now that we have established what I mean by Attars. It is important, I feel, to define 1 more term.

Fragrance Oils

chemically engineered synthetic oils


The term Attar and Attar oils are loosely interchanged on this site, and it is alright as they both are natural substances, and it is much easier to say Attar as opposed to Attar Oils.

However, I would like to highlight that the word “Attar” has unfortunately been used to mean Synthetic oils as well in the market. When someone says that I am wearing an “Attar” chances are that he/she is wearing partially synthetic or completely synthetic fragrance. Perfumes used to be completely natural just some decades ago.

These definitions are not my inventions, they are old and that is how I have learned it.

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