Date of completion: 17 July 2018
Ageing Since 123 days 2 hours 9 minutes 42 seconds

The 1st of the Solo Series – A Rose Attar
Janhangir’s Rose, Nur Jahan’s Rose, Akbar’s Rose … I introduce to you The Attar Oil’s Noor E Gulaab translated as ‘Light of the Rose’. This magnificent attar is undiluted and made with only Essential Oils, a rose attar unlike any other!

Method of creation: Blending
Key Ingredients:
  • Aged Mysore WildSandalwood
  • Bulgarian Rose Otto
  • Bridging Materials (Perfumer’s Secret)
*Everything is completely 100% Natural. Only essential oils are used including bridging materials. No absolutes, no alcohol , no chemicals, and certainly no funny business. This is a PURE attar oil of yesteryears brought to you in 2018.

If your country is not in the shipping list, please let me know and i will add them in

Perfumer’s Praise

“Awesome right? Nothing but the best …. meaning, not just rose but Bulgarian rose, not just sandalwood but AGED Mysore sandalwood.”


Rose syrup red to light pink rose flowers. With bursts of green undercurrent. Together, candy wrapped with a thin slice of butter. It feels rose garden-ish yet it also feels like a single soulful gaseous vapor.

The 1st whiff grabs the mind, then touches the heart and finally fades away. But really, it is as though it gets ravished by the heart.

It is a formal scent and commands you to dress appropriately. It is beauty and demands you to respect its status. Rightfully so.

In sum, it is A rose of roses.

I personally don’t think you can wear anything sloppy with this fragrance. You have to wear the scent 1st thing after a bath and let the rose guide you at the wardrobe OR get intimate with the scent after a few hours and you will know exactly how to match your clothes to the Scent. Whichever way you go, the Rose gets precedence over the attire.

Definitely a dinner date scent for couples. Men and women both should wear this.

Absolutely soulful.

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