About us

The idea behind The Attar Oils is borne out of my allergy for the attars that I have found in the market. It began on 2017 and finally came to fruition in 2018.

I aim to sell the best quality attar, but that does not mean I go for the priciest ingredients on the market. Rather I get something more reasonable and appropriate, such as a lower grade wild sandalwood. Low grade does not mean low quality. The quality comes in the way of extraction, creation, hygiene, and most important of all, skill. And by this I hope that I have on the shelf the best quality you can find, giving you the most information about the oils without letting too much go.

The oils are also not diluted, they are powerful and made with care. The oils must be in a position where it can be used for other purposes pure and holy aside from being just a perfume. What that means is we cannot mess around with oils to make a quick gain. The attar oils to me is more than just perfumery, it is a metaphysical connection with nature and everything holy. And so I try my best to keep my prices low, and give you the best experience possible.


Yes this is very much possible, as we are working with essential oils and some may be allergic to certain ingredients. We do advice that you purchase a sample from us to ensure you have it tested for likability and allergy before making a full purchase. We do not make any claims that they are allergy free, and as a consumer you are solely responsible should you decide to buy one.

External Use ONLY

Please for whatever reason do no ingest the oils. The oils are for most purposes meant to be worn on the skin only. Should you wish to ingest for medical applications, please consult a health care professional who is specialised in using such oils. You alone are responsible for such an action, we firmly prohibit ingestion even for medical applications.


We ship worldwide and our delivery partner is DHL Express. We will dispatch the goods by 1 working day. Once we have handed over to our partner, we will email you the tracking number. Typically it takes about 3-5 working days for it to arrive, however more remote regions might take much longer and you will be notified.

For domestic orders (yup SG folks) it will be SingPost SmatPac with the same 3-5 working days!


We consider the oils as a very personal cosmetic product similar to an inner-wear – you wear a perfume. Once the oil has touched your skin it is not refundable and considered fully sold. We do no sell pre-owned attar oils.

Parent company

The Attar Oils’s parent company is Warithen. Warithen is registered in Singapore and is run by none other than me. The Attar Oils is the first aspiration of the many brands by Warithen.

Short comings

Should there be mistakes and errors, the responsibility is entirely mine, and I ask for forgiveness from Allah.

Contact us

For questions regarding anything about our oils, shipping, policies please contact me at theattaroils@warithen.com I will respond to you within 1 working day.


Yours Sincerely,


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